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Welcome to Spectrum! In this shop run by fulminant you can request icons, wallpapers, psds, other graphics, moodthemes and screencaps.
I'm more comfortable working with fandoms I know and like but I'm willing to give other things a go:)
I ask for equal (by class) point split by default. All prices are negotiable and are subject to change.
The more specific you are when requesting anything, the better chance is that you'll like the result:) If you are not fully satisfied with your request for some reason (want a textless alt, don't like the color palette etc), please don't hesitate to tell me and I'll do my best. I'm open to any suggestions!

Icons are 8 points each . I can work with fandom/character/pairing/interest request. If you want me to work with an image you provide that will cost 2 extra points. Unshareable icons (sent to you via PM and not shared at my graphics comm) are 16 points each.

Psds are available for basically any icon you can find in my graphics comm. I usually keep everything but if it's an old icon there's a possibility that the psd has been deleted. In that case I'll try to recreate the icon for you. Psds will be sent to you via PM.

Desktop wallpapers are 40 points each. I can also make iPhone 3g(360x640)/iPhone 4(960x640) wallpapers for 24 and 32 points respectively. The more specific you are about what you want to get, the better.

Moodthemes cost 160 points (still) / 240 points (animated). It will include 132 different moods but you can order fewer moods for a smaller price. I would rather work with working with the fandoms I know as I'd know where to look for the moods. However, if you can provide images for a fandom you want me to work with, that is fine. Moodthemes will be shared at my comm.

.other graphics (headers, banners, fanmix covers, etc)
Price for other kinds of graphics starts at 28 points and depends on the size/complexity. And again: the more specific you are, the better :)

Tutorials are 48 points each. They will be posted at my comm and I'll send you the links. Always feel free to ask for any clarifications/additional details you want!

The price for screencaps basically depends on the video length: the longer the video is, the higher the price. I ask for 80 points for sorted movie caps (60 points unsorted) and 60 points for sorted tv episode screencaps (40 points unsorted). I'm open to negotiations and willing to discuss the price with each customer personally.


more @ psychedelic_flu

I hope you enjoyed shopping at Spectrum♥

icons8 POINTS (unshareable 16 POINTS)
psds16 POINTS
wallpapers40 POINTS
iphone wallpapers32 POINTS (960x640) / 24 POINTS (360x640)
moodtheme160 POINTS (still) / 240 POINTS (animated)
other (headers, banners, fanmix covers, etc) starting 28 POINTS
tutorials48 POINTS
movie screencaps80 POINTS (sorted) / 60 POINTS (unsorted)
tv episode screencaps60 POINTS (sorted) / 40 POINTS (unsorted)

this shop is: OPEN
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